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Episode #14 addresses the tragedy that happened in Virginia Beach May 31, 2019, with the murder of 12 innocent people who merely went to work. In this podcast, Pastor Meraz calls it what it is: evil.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Our continuing prayers for all affected by what happened in Virginia Beach and our community
  • The recognition of evil for what it is
  • Recognition of our sin and the need for a Savior
  • Importance of faith and Baptism
  • Importance of “feeling” your faith at church
  • The need for forgiveness
  • Stewardship – it’s a Christian life activity; it’s talents, abilities, time and more
  • The endurance of the church

Note: Gov. Northam said in his speech, "We lost 1,028 Virginians due to gun violence in 2017.", not 1,800.

Photo by John-Henry Doucette, Princess Anne Independent News