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In Episode 18, we look at the recent violence in Dayton and El Paso. Beyond turning to God in prayer and having knowledge of evil, what is God telling us to do? Are we being faithful servants before the act is even committed? How do we find or react to those who are lost and considering violence? Is there anything the church can do better? That a Christian can do better?

What about punishment? In the kingdom of the left hand, should there be more deterrence of evil within the law? Does that even matter?

 A listener also asked us to look into Luther's thoughts on the Book of James. Luther once said:

“Therefore St James’ epistle is really an epistle of straw, compared to these others, for it has nothing of the nature of the Gospel about it.” 

“We should throw the epistle of James out of this school, for it doesn’t amount to much. It contains not a syllable about Christ. Not once does it mention Christ, except at the beginning.”

 But Luther also called it “a good book, because it sets up no doctrine of men,” (AE 35:362, 395-97).

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