Our Staff

Our staff is eager to greet you and answer any of your questions. 








Director of Music




Administrative Coordinator












Pastor Jonathan Meraz


Pastor Meraz was born in Newton, IA.  He and his lovely wife Julie were married in 1982.  Pastor Meraz is a second career pastor who served at Zion Lutheran Church in Plainview, NE from 2003-2016.  His District President states "His pastoral characteristics that stand out are tact, patience, cooperation, leadership, administration, and relating to people. His pastoral skills of greater strength are older adult ministry, family ministry, lay leadership, development, personal witnessing, assimilation of new members, preaching content and delivery, teaching, and worship leading.  He is a strong leader who speaks his mind while also being a caring and dedicated pastor. We are extremely blessed that God has led Pastor Meraz to Trinity!




We are currently accepting applications for the position of Director of Music.  Please contact the church office for more information.





Mrs. Anne Combes



Mrs. Combes has been our Administrative Coordinator for over 15 years.  She is extremely knowledgeable on all aspects of Trinity.  She is very willing to answer any questions you may have.  You may reach her at 757-489-2551 or tlc@trinitylutherannorfolk.org.







Mr. Bill Sontag


Mr. Sontag helps to keep our facility running smoothly.  He works closely with our Board of Church Properties to make sure everything is working properly.






Mr. Antonio Tutt

We are so blessed to have Mr. Tutt and his very supportive family in charge of keeping our building clean.  He is always eager to please!








Mrs. Janice Williams

Mrs. Williams has been working hard as our bookkeeper for many years.  Her expertise is so appreciated as we keep track of our expenses, payroll and income.  She is a valuable member of our Board of Stewardship!