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Welcome/Membership Info

Welcome to our congregation. We hope as you have reviewed each of the pages of this website that you have learned a little more about us. Again if you have any questions please contact us and we will do our best to welcome you into our Trinity family.  If you so desire to become a member of Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, please speak with our Pastor or the church secretary. 

Below is information on membership according to the Bylaws of the Congregation:



1.   Reception. Baptized members are received through the Sacrament of Holy Baptism; or if previously baptized, by transfer, at their request, or at the request of one or both parents or guardians of a child who has been baptized in the name of the Triune God.

2.   Duties and Privileges. Baptized members are called to grow in faith by:

  • Attending church services of worship, and programs of Christian education.
  • Conforming their lives to their baptismal vows.
  • Attending confirmation classes and receiving instruction for Holy Communion. The traditional practice of this congregation is that its children receive pastoral instruction and confess their faith by way of the Rite of Confirmation prior to participating for the first time in the Lord's Supper as "communicant members".
  • The privileges of baptized members include receiving nurture and assistance from members, access to the Pastor in his professional role, and reception of Christian burial.


1.   Reception. The Pastor shall inform applicants for communicant membership of the requirements needed for such membership in accordance with Article V of the Constitution. Applicants not familiar with the teachings and confessions of the Lutheran Church shall be required to attend a course of instruction, and to make affirmation of their baptismal covenant either before the congregation in worship, or, at the Board of Deacons discretion, before witnesses who are members of the Board of Deacons, before being received as communicant members.

Applicants from other Lutheran congregations shall submit a letter of transfer from their former congregation. In the case of applicants whose membership in a Lutheran church has lapsed, they shall receive a period of re-instruction at the discretion of the Pastor with the consent of the Board of Deacons, prior to the reaffirmation of faith by an affirmation of their baptismal covenant.

Junior confirmands shall be received as communicant members according to the procedures outlined in Section A.2.c. of this article.

When these requirements have been met, the applicant's admission as a communicant member shall be recommended by the Pastor to the Board of Deacons which shall have authority to act on such applications on behalf of the Voting Membership. The new members shall be received at a public worship service after approval by the Board of Deacons. The roster of members shall be publicized in various news media of the congregation.

2.   Duties and Privileges. Membership in Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church is a concrete expression of commitment to Christ and to "the church which is His body" (Ephesians 1:22-23). The privileges of communicant members include partaking in Holy Communion, access to the Pastor in his professional role, concern and assistance from fellow members, eligibility for Voting Membership (as per Article IV, Section A of these By-Laws), and reception of Christian burial. Members of the congregation shall therefore recognize their call from God to: 

  • Gather regularly in worship so as to rejoice and be nourished in Word and Sacrament individually and communally.
  • Grow in knowledge and understanding of the Word of God by personal and family Bible study and devotion, and by making use of opportunities for Christian education of children and adults by the congregation.
  • Love and forgive, care for and be cared for by one another as brothers and sisters in one body, which “makes bodily growth and upbuilds itself in love” (Ephesians 4: 16).
  • Use their gifts to serve God together in the work of the congregation through offerings of time, talent, labor, money and prayer.
  • Use their gifts to serve God in the world on every frontier of life, at home, work, school, commerce, and society, by reflecting His character, obeying His commandments, trusting His promises, doing their Work with joy, and becoming voices of the Word by which God reconciles people to himself and to one another.
  • Rejoice in the sure promise of forgiveness and life, even in the face of personal contradiction, weakness, and failure, in order that the life freely given in the cross and baptism may be renewed and strengthened every day.